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      It was a stately, not to say solemn, affair. There were three or four of the neighboring county families, a couple of officers from Belmont, and the rector and his wife. The county families had heard of and read about Miss Chetwynde, the heiress, and were consumed with curiosity respecting her, and were amazedand doubtless rather disappointedat not finding her to be a kind of female cowboy. They were also much startled and impressed by her beauty, and before the evening was over, Esmeralda had won the golden opinion of the male portion of the party. The men grouped themselves around her very much as they were in the habit of doing in London, and Trafford looked on from a distance with his usual gravity.The wife caught them to her bosom, sprang to her tiptoes, beamed on the packet a second time and read aloud, "Urbanity of Corporal Valcour!" She heaved an ecstatic breath to speak on, but failed. Anna and Miranda had joined them and Flora had risen from her seat on the balustrade, aware at once that the r?le she had counted on was not to be hers, the r?le of comforter to an undone rival.

      For Gods sake, be silent! he said, almost fiercely. What is done is done. You know how necessary, how inevitable it was. You yourself advisedyes, drove me tothe[153] doing of it. Do not make my duty harder and more difficult than it is.

      "They're not like us dull men, Miss Callender," was the sailor's unlucky reply, "they can rise to any occasion a lady can make."

      A coy tap sounds on her door and she glides to it. "Who--who?" But in spite of her it opens to the bearer of a lamp, her sister Constance.

      Call him in, she said in a whisper. Offer him supper, a drink.



      Madame Cerise was urged to the point of distraction. She was given carte blanche in the matter of the bridal robe, which Lady Wyndover intended should surpass anything that had hitherto left the distinguished artists hand; other dresses were also ordered from Worth and costumes from Redfern. No expense was to be spared. As Lady Wyndover said: Why should it be?He extended his hand with profound humility.