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      Do you wish me to tell you? she asked.

      Oh! said Esmeralda, with puzzled surprise; then why did we want this carriage and these two men?

      Esmeralda, all unconscious of the emotion that was making his heart beat fiercely, was looking at the horsesthey were under her care; but the sudden pressure of his arm, the inaudible whisper, startled her into consciousness to his close proximity. She turned her eyes upon him, and met his gaze, and wonder, surprise, dawned slowly into them.

      What a great deal we must have to tell each other, she continued, sweetly. I really dont know where to begin! By the way, Mr. Pinchook was obliged to hurry away, and asked me to say good-bye to you for him. He is a very nice old gentleman, dont you think?

      I am all right now, she said, with a shy laugh. Let me get up again. I am quite right, and not a bit hurt.

      But Esmeralda did not laugh. Instead, she uttered a cry, and pulled up her horse.Trafford arrived in the afternoon and went straight to the library, and Lilias found him there, seated at the table, with his head in his hands.


      A man should leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife.



      After what seemed an interminable time, filled up with a suspense beyond the power of words to describe, the door of the hut opened and the doctor came out. The three men started forward simultaneously. The doctor addressed Varley.