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      Oh, it was nothing much, he said. A brute of a fellow was ill-treating a dog. He seemed to think that because it belonged to him, he had a right to knock it about. I didnt agree with him, and we came to words, and then to blows. His pals took his part, and seeing I was not going to have a fair fight, I made a bolt for it. He wont be able to knock that dog about for a week or two, he added, simply.

      Esmeralda laughed and stared.

      Esmeralda had not left London since her arrival there with Mr. Pinchook, and the thought of leaving its smoky atmosphere filled her with delight. As they left the grimy town she looked from her window with eager pleasure, and when the green fields took the place of the crowded streets, she drew a long breath, and exclaimed:

      Certainlycertainly! said Lord Selvaine, blandly.

      Trafford slept little that night. Soon after breakfast Norman turned up, beautifully attired in a regulation frock coat, and a glistening top hat. He looked remarkably handsome, and full of sympathy with Traffords coming joy. If it had been his own marriage he could not have looked more happy and radiant.



      He looked at hera long, yearning, despairing lookthen he turned his eyes away, as one turns away from a treasure that has slipped from ones hand forever.


      CHAPTER IX."Do you understand English?" growled Doctor Remy. "I asked you if you had witnessed a will; and I want to know what was in it."