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      Lady Wyndover, coming in suddenly, found the two looking[115] over a volume of prints, and laughing together quite unreservedly; and her ladyship heartily wished that she had remained out another half hour. Trafford grew grave again at her entrance, and repeated his invitation for the drive in more formal terms.It was by the lake of Ploen, and they were obliged to pass the winter at the little town of that name, for it was October when the cavalcade arrivedM. and [254] Mme. de Tess, the Montagu, the de Mun, and the priests, to whom another had been added.

      "Ah, but she is so goodsuch a thoroughly good woman."

      The latter part of the sojourn of Mme. de Genlis in England was overshadowed by anxieties, annoyances, and fears.

      After this Flicit and her husband returned to Genlis, where they spent the summer with the Marquis and the wife he had recently married.


      [Pg 126]


      "It was a horrid dream, certainly; but, you see, it had no meaning."


      "Match! detrimental!" cried Allegra, indignantly. "Can it be my brother who talks in such a vulgar strain? As if a woman could not look at a man without thinking of marrying him!"