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      At last he was possessed by the idea that someone else might come and see them. He drew in a breath and choked on it, and the weeping began again, but after a time he was able to take one breath and then another. He was able to stop. He reached into his pocket and found a handkerchief, wiped his eyes and looked into her face.

      Chapter 8"He's warked fur it all the same, surelye," said Cooper of Kitchenhour.

      "I reckon," said Reuben, "as how they'd all have been better off if they'd stayed at home."



      When Pete went back into the room he found him struggling under the bedclothes, the sweat trickling down his face.


      "What do you mean by 'not now'?"That evening he and his son had their first conflict. Pete announced that he had made arrangements with Ades for Albert's funeral, and Reuben announced with equal conviction that he was hemmed if Ades had any truck in it wotsumdever. Albert should be buried according to the rites and ceremonies of the Church of England, he wasn't going to have any salvation sung over his grave. Pete, on the other hand, stuck to his point, and alarmed Reuben with more religious phraseology.