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      The Curate's eyebrows shot up in amazement. "Magic?" he queried, with a short laugh. "Oh, we didn't bargain for magic. Only the usual sleight of hand."

      "Front!" I once snapped out with a ring that made the trees reply and the ladies catch their breath. "If you steal one more look back here I'll put a ball into your leg."Sir Thomas? he said. Wont you come in? I answered the door myself, the servants have gone to bed. What can I do for you, sir?

      "We found him so; had to leave him so; head laid wide open; we were about to be captured--thought the news would be better than nothing--""I don't know what I shall do, I'm sure," Arthur heard him say, as though to himself.

      "I'm working alright, if that's what you[Pg 205] mean," said the other, averting his eyes. Then he looked very hard at Rose, and the expression on his features altered to mild astonishment.

      He fancied he heard a voice very indistinctly begging his pardon. Again he clutched wildly at a shoulder and merely snapped his fingers. "Strike a light," he muttered, under his breath, "this ain't good enough. It ain't[Pg 92] nearly good enough." Reaching forward he stumbled, and to save himself from falling placed a hand against the wall. The next moment he leapt backwards with a yell. His hand and arm had gone clean through the filmy shape.

      Frank hinted that for the present the house that Fred intended to build was a castle in the air, and he was afraid it would be some time before it assumed a more substantial form.


      "Perhaps you'd like to tell your story, sir," Prout suggested."That same captain," he continued, "was once out for a whale, but when they killed him, they were ten miles from the ship. The captain got on the dead whale, and sent the boat back to let the ship know where they were. After they had gone, a storm came on and drove the ship away, and there the captain stayed three weeks. He stuck an oar into the whale to hang on to, and the third week a ship hove in sight. As he didn't know what she was, he hoisted the American flag, which he happened to have a picture of on his pocket-handkerchief; and pretty soon the ship hung out her colors, and her captain came on board. Captain Sammis was tired of the monotony of life on a whale, and so he sold out his interest to the visitor. He got half the oil and a passage to Honolulu, where he found his own craft all right."


      "Hulloa," he exclaimed, "you look pretty bent."


      A JAPANESE VILLAGE.--BAMBOO POLES READY FOR MARKET. A JAPANESE VILLAGE.BAMBOO POLES READY FOR MARKET."But just now you were inclined to think differently," said Gregg, reproachfully.