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      "Gracious, what a liar that man must be," murmured Shorty to himself.

      No, Sandy. He thinks they were the real ones."So we all perceive," said the young man superciliously. "Why are you not down there directing them?"

      Shorty put his hand on Si to caution and repress138 him.


      Both brought their guns up to their right sides."Halt, who comes there?" called out Shorty, whose quick ears caught the sound of approaching footsteps.


      "Well, if they take after you, they are talkers from Talkville," said Shorty. "Mill-wheels ain't in it with your tongue, when it gits fairly started."


      "Come, Shorty, you've lost enough. You've lost too much already. Luck's agin you," urged Si. "Come away."