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      My lady is not here, my lord, she said.

      "Reverted to those of old Spain," murmured Anna, mainly to herself yet somewhat to Hilary. Judge Callender had died a Whig, and politics interested the merest girls those days.

      "Ah--one word--wait! Oh, Captain Kincaid, right is right! Not half those guns are mine. That flag is not mine."The present tales derive their material from a different, but no less interesting epoch. They give pictures of the flowering of Hellas, the distant centuries whose marvellous culture rested solely on the purely human elements of character as developed beneath a mild and radiant sky.

      He looked at her with momentary surprise; but even yet there was no time to ask questions.

      "Ah, my dear, did I ever give him the very least right to pick me out in that manner? No. Except in that one pretty way he has with all of us--and which you know so well--"

      Where is he? demanded Varley; and the man shrugged his uninjured shoulder and spat on the ground with exaggerated indifference.

      "They're not like us dull men, Miss Callender," was the sailor's unlucky reply, "they can rise to any occasion a lady can make."


      The man swore.



      Let me go with you, Varley, she said. I can ride behind, as Ive often done. Im not a bit heaviersee!