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      "You're wrong," said the medical-minded Alf Russell. "You ought to have less than the others, because you're smaller. The littler and younger the person the smaller the dose, always."

      Naomi heard him tramp off, talking of "goldings" and "fuggles." She lay very still, hoping that the light would soon go, and give rest to her tired eyesbut she was too utterly weary to ask Mrs. Backfield to draw the curtains. Her mother-in-law put the baby back in its cradle, then sat down at the foot of the bed, folding her arms over her breast. She was tired after her labours in the house and in the sick-room, and soon she began to doze. Naomi felt more utterly alone than before.

      "Him?" Greta said. "Who knows? A friend of Cendar'syou know Cendar, don't you?"

      "I can't keep up. I can't keep up at all," whimpered little Pete Skidmore. "You are just dead certain to lose me."

      "Nothin' kin justify a lie," persisted the obdurate Si.

      "Authority figure, parent-surrogate, phi factorthere's no mystery about the why, Norma. If you're content with jargon, and we know all the jargon, don't we?" Now instead of a laugh it was a smile, surprisingly warm but very brief. "We ought to, after all; we ladle it out often enough.""Well, my dear, he pays me good money for it, and I'm in precious need of that just now."


      "It's a gorgeous time I see before you, dear; riches and a carriage and servants in livery, and a beautiful wife decked over with jewels and gold as bright as her hairsuccess and a fair name, honour and a ripe old ageand remember the poor gipsy woman, won't you, darling?"


      "Go away," she said, "we can't let you in."


      "What makes you juke, if they can't hit nothing?" inquired little Pete, and the rest of them had regained composure enough to laugh.