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      There was no one in sight, and thinking she must have been mistaken, she turned to re-enter the hut again, when suddenly a cloth of some kind was thrown over her head,[290] and she was seized in a rough grasp. She struggled and tried to tear the cloth from her head, but the man held her tight.

      She led the horse close to a fallen tree, and held out her hand to him.

      I dont knowand I dont care! said Esmeralda, with fine indifference. May I have some more pudding?When the ducal party drove to the church, they found it almost filled with the other guests and a large number of the uninvited public, some of whom had been waiting for hours for the doors to be opened. For this was, as Lady Wyndover had said, to be the wedding of the season.

      [22]Oh, will you! says I to myself, and, as I didnt think their conversation elevatin, I crawls back to where the mare was tied and thinks things over a bit.

      But he did not do so. He thought that love was slain in her heart, and that to touch herto utter a word of lovewould but insult her and harden her. Men are always fools where the woman they love are concerned.Who was she? The daughter of some rich sheep farmer or successful gold digger? He longed to ask her for all particulars of her birth, parentageof everything, in fact; but youth is shy, especially in the presence of female loveliness, and Lord Norman was tongue-tied.




      Yes, he said. But I will not tell you any more until you are quite safe, and have rested. You are too overdone and exhausted now. But, Esmeralda, it will all come right. He laid his hand upon hers. How glad they will be to see you at the camp! I cant tell you the state they were in until Varley and I found that scoundrels note.Ererjust so. My client, Mr. Gordon Chetwynde, was extremely devoted to his daughter, and ernot unreasonably desired to see her suitably married. Unfortunately, although she had several brilliant offers, she fell in love with a quite ineligible young man with noersettled occupation or prospects, and with not the best of characters.